The NOAA Data Governance Committee (DGC) coordinates the implementation of the NOAA Data Strategy, including oversight of policies that ensure NOAA data assets are strategically and efficiently managed on behalf of the NOAA enterprise. The DGC reports to the NOAA Observing Systems Council (NOSC) and NOAA CIO Council.

The purpose of the DGC is to enable NOAA to maximize the value of its data assets through sound and coordinated data governance and management practices. NOAA data management is an end-to-end process that includes acquisition, collection, documentation, quality control, validation, reprocessing, storage, retrieval, dissemination, and long-term preservation activities across all NOAA line, staff, and corporate offices. The DGC was formed in 2022 to meet legislative, federal and administration data governance requirements, as well as to address NOAA data opportunities. NOAA Administrative Order (NAO) 212-15 gives the DGC (in place of the EDMC) “authority to develop and approve Procedural Directives relevant to management of NOAA data and information”.

The NOAA Chief Data Officer, Tony LaVoi, is the chair of the DGC.

Note: The NOAA Enterprise Data Management Committee (EDMC) was re-chartered in 2022 as the NOAA Data Governance Committee (DGC).